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…….polygraphics a la carte!



EUROMSTAR PRINTING L.L.C. is  a small family business with experience of over 30 years in the printing industry. Our company specializes in prepress, finishing, binding, and book bindery art personalized by hand, since 1984.

We do anything from small to medium works. Our customers are our first priority when it comes to providing them with the very best service. The execution term of our orders is fast, good quality, and acceptable prices for our clients as well as profitable for our company.

Our services include diverse jobs from small personalized business cards, calendars, agenda’s, books, etc. to wide tabloids.

The rock hard piece of our work is bindery art and the repairing of bibles with hard cover binding, and the color foil of your choice.

We are open to any kind of projects that our clients request. Our mission is to take your planned project and bring it to life….polygraphics a la carte!